Thursday, October 13, 2005

CBS Early Show Pitches TV Shows For Sale, Falling Apple Stock & A Way To Lose Your Sight

Watch the video
ABC's TV Shows Desperate Housewives, Lost, Night Stalker & two comedies are for sale for $1.99 an episode. Adam Benjamin thinks Apple has a 6-month to almost a year competitive lead with the video enabled iPod. Sandra Hughes mentions Apple stock falling due to lower than Wall Street iPod sales expectations. Yeah they were only through the roof as usual. Women in the street - one clueless while the other totally gets it. At $299 she says, "That's a steal."

Interesting no one seems to understand the iPod has had video output since the introduction of the iPod Photo long ago. And let's not forget video goggles you can wear to have a large screen experience out of that little iPod.


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