Saturday, August 20, 2005

Welcome to the Video Blogging Sphere of Influence

VLogoSphere - the Video Logging Sphere (of Influence) is the evolutionary realm of the merging cultures and businesses of consumer electronics, internet and television industries for the benefit of all global citizens in the twentyfirst century. This is a blog about what's up in this realm. It's new and it's hip. Next it will change the world in ways few of us can imagine and none of us can safely predict. But global democratization of information access, citizen journalism and the BlogoSphere are changing everything in very short order.

Please contribute any thoughts you may have about the new unfolding world that lets anyone be a broadcaster of video to everyone on the planet - everyone with access to a computer that is. Please post any links you like and share your views as much as you like. Here's a basic tutorial on how to get started VLogging yourself written by Troy LeMaire of the Thanks Troy.